International Institute of Aquaresponsible Municipalitiesfrançais

The International Institute of Aquaresponsible Municipalities (iiAm) is a non-profit organization founded by Université Laval and INRS. The missions of iiAm are to:

  • structure the scientific knowledge on water management;
  • set up an international aquaresponsibility certification programme;
  • ensure the communication of best practises;
  • produce a performance report on the global, regional and local improvements of aquaresponsible practices.

To correctly fulfil its leadership position, iiAm respects the highest standards. Indeed, iiAm:

  • compiles know-how regarding aquaresponsible behaviour, so as to ensure that the results of the latest developments are organized in a knowledge base which is constantly being updated;
  • provides strictly confidential management of the audit files, eliminating any favourable treatment in the assessment of the performances of the audited organisations;
  • ensures that the organisation is independent by guaranteeing a comprehensive technological watch and by annually publishing an overview of the technological and managerial fields that are the least well supported by the most recent studies carried out by various international R&D groups.